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At the very end of the application, there will be a document uploader, please upload the following:

  1. Last 30 days of paystubs (1 if you paid monthly, 2 if you are paid semi-monthly, 3 if you are bi-weekly, 5 if you are paid weekly)
  2. Last 2 year’s W2 forms
  3. Last 2 bank statements from all accounts to be used for downpayment, closing costs or reserves
  4. Driver License

If you earn a bonus, commission, or other non-base compensation:

  • Last 2 years’ end of year paystub (we use a 2 year average of bonus/commission).

If you are self employed or receives any type of non-wage income (rental, royalty, partnership, dividends):

  • Last 2 years’ federal tax returns with all schedules 
  • K1s for all entities shown on tax return (if applicable)
  • YTD profit and loss statement to show income trend is steady or improving (if applicable)

If you own 25% or more of a partnership/corporation:

  • Last 2 years' federal corporate tax returns

If you own other properties, please also provide the following documents pertaining to each property:

  • Last mortgage statement
  • Insurance statement
  • Property tax statement
  • Statement or recent email from HOA to confirm dues
  • Lease agreement

Additional items, if applicable

If divorced or in process: Martital Settlement Agreement and final divorce decree

If bankrupt in last 7 years: Bankruptcy discharge paperwork. If chapter 13 need payment history and letter from court to confirm on-time payments

Student loan statements to show terms of loan if currently in deferral

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